Our Organization

, friendly and practical are the best words to describe our organization. We don't want to build something that will be pyramidal and where you don't know who you have to speak with.

  • Simple, as simplicity is the best way to reach the goal in the shortest time
  • Friendly. You are not the number n customer, but a special person who has a desire we want to realize
  • Practical. If something must be changed even during the trip, don't be worry and just ask.

  • Our organization does not own any aircrafts, it is then necessary to rent one to another organization, flying club or group. The aircrafts we are commonly using are: C150, C172, DA-40 and DR400 for the single engine. For the twin engine, the most practical for now is the DA-42.

    The organization is located in Montagnola, Switzerland. Notwithstanding that, flights can take off at Locarno, Yverdon, or somewhere else, depending on your request. But this is not restrictive, and we are going to consider carefully any other demand.

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