Where the journey is more important than the destination!

RMS Sky Sightseeing is not a conventional company where you have to book in advance a flight that will only give you the possibility to go to one predefined place.

Let's go to think differently your next trip.

Here you call and we are going together to find the best solution just for you. No standards, everything is possible.
Day or night, summer or winter, Alps or plain, with some intermediate stop or not, planned with objectives or totally free, you will have to determine at first your choice. And we are going to see how to give you a total satisfaction.
Despite that, we do have some packages.

Our Experience Shows!

The majority of pilots flying with general aviation aircrafts remain in the close vicinity of their base. This is normal, thinking that a single engine usually cannot fly for more than 3-4 hours. And the pilot, with his aircraft has to turn back home! This gives for the general aviation a usual aspect of round Robin.

In our case, we have developed an extended experience to fly in unknown areas in Europe, in Australia as well as in the USA. For Europe, Switzerland, France, Italy and Germany have been very often gone over. Around a hundred of Airports of any category have been visited. In Australia, principally the southern region of Queensland has been flown. And in the USA, we have landed in 165 airports in 35 States in 2 months.

Experience? We would say yes, even though there is something to improve in each flight. This experience is not only for the places where to fly, but also for the variety of aircrafts and flight conditions: we are certified commercial - instrument and for airliners.