Clients? No, flying partners

Did you already try to book a flight just to see the landscape? With the conventional airline carriers, you will not have any chance, except maybe if you are willing to pay some astronomical price. Here you are not "just a client" but a flying partner. So the trip in entirely in your hands, except for all the parameters of security and safety.

As a partner you decide what to do, even during the flight.,The pilot has the responsibility to validate how to accomplish your request in respect to the flight. Here two examples to let you know why some simple questions would be answered by the negative:

- During a flight ruled by visual means, a passenger asks to go across a little cloud.

It is impossible, because we cannot be sure nobody has had the same idea at the other edge of the same cloud. And also because maybe the cloud hides some part of the topography that can be on our path.

- To take some pictures, a passenger asks to fly closer to the surface.

Some limits are set by law, and they have to be respected. In populated areas, it is not authorized to fly at a distance to the ground lower than 1000 ft (approx 300 m). This distance is halved for non populated zones.

It will be also possible that the pilot requests you to change an option during the flight, in case of turbulences, probability of storm, atmospheric that reduces the aircraft performances, etc. 

Every parameters will be described, keeping in mind at first the security. For the rest, the experience shows us that clients don't ask enough. Don't be shy, think that we are here for your fun.

New Clients?

We are not going to make a difference if you are a new client or not. In the same way, we don't make a difference if we are flying this trip the first or the tenth time. Everything must be prepared as if it was for the first time. Thus, each flight will make be different.

Notwithstanding that, the first time you are going to come, you will discover that preparing a flight is not a banality. You are welcome to assist for the technical part of the preparation, where we will ask you some of your objectives.

Then the pilot is going to give you some explanations for the first step of the trip. You can ask him for anything.

Some of our Previous Clients:

  • A 12 yo - interested to discover the sensation of flying
  • A mature person who had never flown before - This person asks us to fly once before a conventional company travel, just to overcome the aircraft illness. The goal has been reached in 1 flight
  • A groom inviting his bride's family from overseas - They were amazed to see for the first time the Alps
  • A person who wanted to move rapidly for family reason - Just 2 hours of trip to go to the South of France, instead of 7 by car,
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